Emma teams up with Frannie, Chris drops a bombshell on Katie.

Sadly, “As the World Turns” is no longer on the air. But, the bright side is that Soaps.com is offering fans a chance to imagine what our favorite Oakdale residents would be up to in 2012.

When Emma and Kim walk into the Foodnetwork Studios, it’s clear that Emma is visually upset. She begins reminiscing about her simple life at the Snyder farm, and comments that never in a million years would she have thought that her life would be moving at such a fast pace. “Kim, is it too late for me to back out even though I’ve signed the contract?” Kim smiles and says, “It’s certainly not too late. But, Honey, you’re just getting cold-feet. You are going to do a fabulous job as America’s newest queen of home cooking.”

“To be honest, I look forward to walking onto the set. As soon as I start cooking, I forget about the cameras, and everything that’s happening behind the scenes. But, I just don’t feel comfortable about the business side of things. It’s just too much! This morning, I had three people show up at my hotel talking about the television interviews, commercials and possible endorsements. Can you believe that someone wants to pay me to be the spokesperson for their canned food products? Me? Canned foods.” Kim follows her into the lounge behind one of the sets. “I know it’s a little intimidating but I promise that I will make sure that you are surrounded by the loyal, hardworking professionals who will not allow you to become overwhelmed,” Kim says.

“Loyal? It’s hard to believe that anyone is truly interested in what I want to accomplish with my show. So far, all I’ve heard everyone talking about is demographics, advertisers, and ratings. How can you promise me that anyone will care about my showing a single mom how to create nourishing meals for their families while she’s surviving on a limited budget?” Kim says, “Trust me, I have taken care of everything. In just a few moments, you will meet the woman who will make everything happen according to your vision. In fact, her she is comes now.”

Frannie Hughes walks into the lounge surrounded by a small entourage, she greets Kim and turns and says, “Emma Snyder, wait until you see what we have in store for you. I hope you’re ready to become a superstar. By this time next year, you will be a household name.” Emma asks, “Are you sure you’re going to stick around that long?” Frannie replies. I am here to stay. I hoped you’ve racked up your frequent flyer miles.” What has Frannie been up to? Will she click or clash with America’s new home cooking maven Emma Snyder?

Still in his office at Memorial, Chris kneels beside Katie and gently takes the papers from her. Katie again asks, “Chris, are you having problems with your heart? Tell me the truth.” He holds her hands and leads her to the couch. “Sit down. We need to talk,” he says. Katie jerks away and starts to cry and freak out. “Oh dear God. Not again. Not again. Chris grabs her by the shoulders and says, “Listen to me. My heart is fine. But a couple of months ago, I thought I was showing signs of rejection, so I started doing research. Fortunately, it turned out that my body is accepting the transplant. But my research made me think a lot about how further research could help thousands of under privileged patients if they receive the proper care and heart-health education.”

Katie stands up and takes a sigh of relief. She says, “Thank God! You have been acting so odd lately, and when I saw those papers on heart transplant rejection…” Chris interrupts, “You assumed the worst.” Katie laughs and throws her arms around him. She tells him that she felt a horrible sense of déjà vu and prays to never feel that way again. Chris assures her that he is healthy and doesn’t anticipate any changes. She asks, “Okay. If you’re healthy, why have you been acting so strange lately?”

Chris replies, “I’m thinking about resigning as chief of staff, and leaving the country to conduct heart transplant research.” The joy in Katie’s face drains. “I can’t take my son out of the country,” she says. “I know. That’s why I’m going alone.” Could this be the end of Chris and Katie or a new beginning?

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– Ophelia Thomas