Like father like son.

David Stenbeck came to Oakdale in 1997 as David Allen. He worked for the District Attorney’s office and tried Lily for killing Diego. After Tom stepped down, David became the D.A.

D.A. Allen soon learned that James Stenbeck was his biological father and fell under his spell. As David Stenbeck, he began doing dastardly things like making Lucinda believe he was her son, committing a couple of murders, and kidnapping.

As David held one pregnant Oakdale resident hostage, she gave birth and David took off with the baby. He was found (without the baby), shot and promptly buried. However, David crawled his way out of his grave, changed his face and identity and in 1999 returned to Oakdale as Reid Hamilton with the stolen baby he was passing off as his child.

Reid was eventually exposed as David Stenbeck and the baby was returned to the biological parents. David met his end in 2000 when he was killed by the police, but who did “his child” turn out to be?