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As The Week Turned, August 25 – August 29, 2008

Hey there, Oakdaleites! We’re trying out a different format this week, mostly because there are some things that are really beginning to bug me and I have to get them off my chest. So, this week it will be the bad before the good. And, as always, let me know what you think by dropping a note in the comments section! I love to talk Oakdale, so let’s get to it!

First and foremost, Nuke is getting on my last nerve. Particularly the Luke part of Nuke! I realize that he had a really tough time admitting he was gay but that doesn’t give him an excuse to be rude to people about his sexuality. Now, we all know that there is something not right about Brian. But, seriously, there are people in this world who have issues with homosexuality. There are people in this world who will discriminate. I still don’t think that what Brian said, which was the equivalent of “when we’re around certain people, it might be better for the foundation to let me lead”, was all that bad. Obviously there was subtext. Obviously Brian has some ulterior motives. I really feel that Luke blew what he said out of proportion. I’m not saying Brian was correct in what he said, but the way Luke reacted was a little too over the top for me.

And on that same subject, I’m really getting tired of the boys doing nothing and going nowhere. There are a lot of people to please but the writers really need to decide something: are they going to tell this story or not? Because a lot of people are frustrated with the slowness of it all. A few weeks ago – and after only knowing one another for a couple of months – Liberty and Parker did the deed. But, because they want to tell the Nuke story in “real time”, Nuke still are at the hand-holding and kissing stages. I don’t get it. They’ve known one another for over a year. Luke has been attracted to Noah for nearly that entire time.

This is completely unreal to me. People don’t wait long periods of time before jumping in the sack any longer, gay or not. Whether Noah was completely confident in his sexuality or not, they would have slept together by now. Especially because Noah’s father was so against it, I’d think he would have wanted to go all the way to prove to himself that 1) he was gay and 2) no one was going to tell him what is right or wrong. Where is the realism in two young men holding hands after a year of dating? Where? Where? Where?