So many suspects.

After Damian Grimaldi was presumed dead from a plane crash, Lily started to suspect that her husband’s associate Umberto Malzone was responsible. In order to get evidence, she became close with Umberto’s employee Diego Santana.

Lily and Diego’s relationship progressed and they became engaged. However, she soon discovered that Diego was Umberto and planned to take her revenge at their wedding. Lily brought a gun to the ceremony and after the lights went out, a gun was fired. Once the lights were back on, Lily was seen standing over a dead Diego/Umberto with a gun in her hand.

The evidence was too hard to ignore and Lily was arrested and convicted of her fiancé’s murder in the spring of 1997. It was eventually revealed that she didn’t do it, but who did?

Was it Lily’s true love Holden Snyder, who was struggling to get his memory back, Damian, who turned out to be alive, David Stenbeck, the lawyer who later prosecuted Lily, or Kirk Anderson, who was seeking revenge? Vote in the poll and comment on this storyline below.