Emma (CBS)

Chris’ heart transplant, Emma becomes a star, and Lisa has a secret lover.

Now that “As the World Turns” is no longer on the air, Soaps.com has begun offering fans a look at the soap opera from our fictional point of view. Join us as we imagine what life would be like in Oakdale.

In Tom and Margo’s former kitchen, Katie asks Chris why has he seemed so distracted and jumpy lately. He says, “I haven’t been jumpy. I’m just trying to make sure that everything is running properly at Memorial.” Chris walks out. “Aren’t you going to eat your breakfast?” Katie asks. He doesn’t respond. Later, Chris doesn’t notice that Katie has walked into his office at Memorial as he concentrates on his computer screen while he takes notes. “What are you working on? You didn’t even hear me come in,” Katie says. Chris slams his laptop shut, and causes a cup of coffee to spill. Katie rushes over to help clean up the mess, and knocks a stack of files off his desk. Before Chris can retrieve them, she picks up a paper that reads “Sypmtoms of a Rejected Heart Transplant.” Katie says, “Oh my God Chris, please tell me you’re not having problems with your heart?”

Emma Snyder, now a hosting a successful home cooking television show, sits in the makeup chair in her dressing room at WOAK. Kim enters, and announces that she has great news – the Foodnetwork is interested in picking up Emma’s cooking show, and wants to publish her “The Magic of Cooking Humboldt Squash Cookbook.” As Emma’s jaw drops, Kim tells her that Emma has to hire a publicist, stylist, and personal assistant. Emma says, “This is all happening so fast. It was hard enough for me to decide to do the show in Oakdale. Now, you’re telling me I will be seen nationally. And, why do I need to hire all of these people? I don’t know if I am cut out for all of this hoopla.” Kim inhales deeply, places her hand on Emma’s shoulder, and asks, “Emma, are you saying that you are going to pass on this opportunity?”