Saying goodbye.

In July 2006, long time “As the World Turns” actor Benjamin Hendrickson passed away. TPTB decided not to recast his character and addressed Hal’s death onscreen in October of that year.

Over his many years in Oakdale, Hal served on the police force as Margo Hughes’ partner and as the Chief of Police. He was married to Lynda Graves, Barbara Ryan (three times), Carly Tenney and Emily Stewart. He also had an affair with Margo, while she was with Tom. Out of his marriages and affairs, he fathered five children: Nikki, Adam, Jennifer, Will and Parker.

In 2006, he was shot and killed while trying to save a fifteen year old during a robbery while on assignment in Washington D.C. Watch the videos below as news of Hal’s death spread across Oakdale and the town gathered at Yo’s to celebrate his life.