Meg deserves better! (

August 22, 2008

Before I really get going with this weeks rant, er, blog, I have to say I can’t believe this is already the fourth installment! It seems like I just started doing these little blurbs a couple of days ago but a whole month’s worth of storylines have come and gone already! Who knew things could go so far so fast? Okay, I shouldn’t be surprised, this is the soap opera world, but still, is it freaking anyone else out that so many storylines have wrapped and so many new ones are starting up?

The poisonings are still center stage with me, primarily because I don’t think the storyline is anywhere near finished. I don’t care (still) that Rick was arrested and is back behind bars. I don’t care that everyone is acting normally or that Chris discovered the antidote. I have a feeling there is more poison to come and I can’t wait to see how weird people act when the serum is revamped so that Chris’ antidote doesn’t work! The first time around Chris got naked from itchiness. . .from there, anything could happen! And I’m all for seeing more of Chris shirtless. Anyone else?

Take the poisonings. It seems like just yesterday Alison received the bracelet, Barbara loaned the necklace to Meg and Chris received the watch when it was really a month ago in real time – and we all know that could mean yeeeears in soapoperaland! Our favorite characters may have aged enormously and we haven’t even noticed! Okay, enough fluff, let’s get on with the recap!