Unplanned pregnancy.

Julie Wendall came to town in 1989 when Lucinda bribed her to get John’s newfound son Duke Kramer out of Oakdale. Lucinda’s plan backfired a bit, as although Julie seduced Duke, she started up a flirtation with John’s other son Andy and then turned around and blackmailed La Walsh.

When all the scheming blew up in Julie’s face, she leaned on Andy, who lost his virginity to her. Julie then moved on to Tonio Reyes, which broke Andy’s heart. Since Tonio was a player, she left him when she found out he was seeing other women.

Her next love interest was Caleb Snyder. They quickly married in Las Vegas, but Julie’s past with her ex-husband Frank and their children she didn’t want, along with her history with Linc Lafferty caught up with her and Caleb left her.

Brokenhearted, Julie found comfort in the arms of a fellow Oakdale resident. She left town, but returned months later pregnant from her one night stand. After giving birth to her baby and a lot more drama, she and Caleb reunited and moved to Seattle together.

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