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Back to Oakdale.

Our latest fan fiction piece gives us a chance to return to Oakdale and see what our favorite characters might be doing. This third installment looks at what might have happened between Lily and Holden. Jennifer showed up alive in the As The World Turns second fan fiction story. Her story continues here.

Alone at home, Lily hears someone entering the front door. She smiles when she sees it is Holden. He wonders if she is alone. Lily confirms that the kids are at the farm with Emma and Luke is doing work at the hospital. Holden adds that he is having dinner later with Luke to hear how his visit with Noah went. The two quietly pause staring at one another. “Enough small talk,” Holden says. The two come together for a passionate kiss. Lily fills Holden in on Lucinda’s questions about their relationship and feels like she might be up to something. Stroking Lily’s hair, Holden smiles as he says, “Maybe it is time we let everyone in on our little secret.” Lily worries that it might mess up what they have, but does agree they can only hold out for so long.

Lucinda chats on the phone with Luke as she walks through the halls of the Lakeview. “Darling, please tell me you are not getting back together with Noah.” Luke laughs on the other end of the phone and insists he isn’t ready to jump into another relationship while still grieving Reid. Lucinda wants to meet up with him to discuss her plan for Holden and Lily. Luke agrees to meet her later. Hanging up, she spots Lisa, Kim and Barbara having lunch and saunters up to their table. “Did my lunch invitation get lost in the mail,” she asks. Lisa stammers that it was a last minute meeting, but Kim diffuses the awkwardness by inviting Lucinda to join them. Lisa wonders what makeup Barbara and Lucinda are wearing, as they both look amazing. Lucinda laughs that it is the love of a good doctor and Barbara quips, “And a lot of afternoon delight.” The ladies giggle and Kim suggests that they should get together more often for lunch when she and Bob get back from their latest vacation.