Hello Barbara.

In November 1986, Hensley Taggart lured Barbara to Duncan McKechnie’s castle under the guise of Duncan being hurt. However, it was all a ruse as Duncan was nowhere to be found. In fact, Hensley had Duncan’s disturbed sister Beatrice locked away and he drugged Barbara’s drink.

In the meantime, a pregnant Margo and Brian McColl braved the stormy weather in order to save Barbara from Hensley’s lecherous attack. As Margo and Brian came to the door, someone shot Hensley, sending him running off. Barbara relayed what happened to Margo, as Brian ran upstairs to save Beatrice.

Margo took off in pursuit of Hensley, leaving Barbara alone. A man in a monk’s robe walked out and said, “Hello Barbara.” The man of course was James Stenbeck, who everyone thought was dead.

Relive James’ first return from the dead in the video below. Feel free to reminisce about this storyline and James and Barbara’s long history in the comments.