In the beginning.

“As the World Turns” produced many memorable couples in its 54 year history. One of those duos, Tom and Margo, endured a lot of ups and downs (and several recasts) over the years, but they remained a staple in Oakdale until the very end.

The duo met in 1981 when Tom (then played by Justin Deas), who was dating Margo’s (then played by Margaret Colin) Aunt Maggie, hired her to help him investigate the drug lord Mr. Big. When Margo discovered that Mr. Big had a connection to James Stenbeck, she trailed Stenbeck overseas to further investigate. Unbeknownst to her, Tom had followed Margo on her investigation.

While in a foreign country, Margo and Tom got lost, but discovered a castle they took refuge in. The castle of course belonged to Mr. Big, but the real story was that Tom and Margo fell in love during their adventure. Of course, once they returned to Oakdale, they decided to keep it a secret since Tom was still seeing Maggie, but as we all know, that didn’t last and they eventually became Mr. and Mrs. Hughes.

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