Reluctantly leaving.

At this time in 2010, Jack was married to Janet, but their marriage was on the rocks, as Jack melted down after Brad’s death and Carly was the only one who could reach him. The couple separated and Jack stayed with Carly and the kids for a time.

Even though they were obviously drawn to one another, Jack decided to move out of Carly’s to try and fix his marriage to Janet, who had secretly slept with Dusty. When it became clear things would not work out, Jack resolved to tell Janet he was in love with Carly. Before he could do that though, Janet informed him her daughter Liberty had leukemia.

The stand up guy that he was, Jack stuck around to support Janet and Liberty during the difficult time. But, as we all know, that only delayed CarJack’s inevitable reunion.

Watch the clip below to witness Jack and Carly’s strong hold on each other as Jack tried to leave his true north. Feel free to share your thoughts on this storyline and Jack and Carly as a couple below.