Recalling lost love. (

Revisiting Oakdale: The return of a lost love.

A shaken Craig arrives at the hospital to meet Jack and Carly’s new son, Hal. Trying to hide his anxiety over his recent run-in with Jennifer, he congratulates Jack and Carly. “He looks just like you Jack, so I guess no paternity tests will be needed this time,” Craig jokingly says. Mildly annoyed, Jack and Carly are too happy to fight back and brush off his comment. Rosanna immediately notices that he doesn’t seem like himself and privately asks him what is wrong. Craig whispers, “I think I’ve seen a ghost.”

Lily returns home from the hospital and thanks Lucinda for watching the kids in Luke’s absence. “Have you heard how Luke’s visit to see Noah is going,” Lucinda asks. Lily admits she is concerned Luke will fall back into a relationship with Noah, while still grieving Reid. She hopes Luke will return home single. As they chat, Lucinda is happy that Lily is open to repairing their damaged relationship. Noticing a change in Lucinda, Lily believes John has something to do with her happiness. “Yes, the doctor has provided me with the medicine I need. But darling, what about you? When are we going to get you and Holden officially back together?” Lily shakes her head, knowing her mother can’t help but resist an opportunity to meddle. Lily pleads, “I know you mean well, but let’s not go there. Holden and I are happy together, let’s just leave it at that.” Lucinda smiles slyly, while silently hatching a plan for the lovebirds.