After several weeks of rumors buzzing around the Internet, has confirmed that two very big stars are about to make their Oakdale return! An As The World Turns spokesperson has confirmed that Grayson McCouch (Dusty Donovan) and Anthony Herrera (James Stenbeck) will return very soon!

Anthony Herrera has been a regular in and around Oakdale since he originated the character of James Stenbeck in the 1980s. Stenbeck is Oakdale’s super villain who comes along to wreak havoc every few years. This time around, Stenback’s focus in on his son, Paul, who recently inherited a fortune (not that he needed more money!) from comatose ex-wife Rosanna. He’s been living at Fairwinds since Rosanna lost consciousness last winter and just married Meg Snyder.

Meg, by the way, has been acting very strangely along with several other members of Oakdale society. Alison and Emily Stewart, Chris Hughes and Meg have all suffered from trance-like states when they weren’t in control of their faculties. Last week, Alison apparently tried to commit suicide but Chris saved her. Emily married Casey and when she came to had no idea what he had done and Chris was suddenly overcome with a feeling of claustrophobia and itchiness – and stripped naked in the hospital on-call room! All of the victims began acting strangely after receiving gifts from a friend or family member; Meg’s gift was actually sent to Barbara who loaned it to her for her wedding.