Revisiting Oakdale: As The World Turns Fan Fiction

A nervous Jack rushes Carly into the Oakdale hospital. While wheeling her through the lobby, he wonders how she can be so calm during labor. Carly reminds him of her all-natural birth to Sage in Montana, and has no worries about giving birth to their son in a hospital. “I’m more nervous about the name we’ve picked out for our little man than the actual birth,” she quips. As the couple gets checked in and settled into their room, Jack reassures Carly that he will let their friends and family know she has gone into labor. Carly mutters not to include Faith in that list. Jack sighs heavily and begs her to ease up on their son’s girlfriend, especially today. She insists that Faith is a bad influence on Parker. Jack thinks maybe she clashes with Faith because they are so much alike. After stone-cold silence from Carly, Jack steps outside the room to make phone calls.

Holden heads to the hospital to lend Jack support and bumps into Luke. Luke explains he was in a meeting about expanding the neurological wing. Holden knows that Luke is still grieving over losing Reid. Luke admits his hurt is still deep, but working so closely with Chris on the expansion has made him still feel close to Reid. He adds that he received an invitation from Noah to visit him in California. Holden wonders if that is a good idea, but Luke thinks visiting a friend might be a good distraction. “Can Noah ever be just a friend to you?” Holden wonders. Luke turns the tables and asks, “Are you and mom just friends?” Holden grins, but Luke doesn’t press the issue.