Just in case you missed the memo the first time around, As The World Turns‘ Jon Prescott (Mike) has a very different outlook on life than most people. The adventurous actor climbs mountains, lives a green lifestyle – just like his on-screen character Mike – and even participated in a polar bear swim in the Arctic Ocean!

Well, Jon isn’t stopping there, he has a new, short video out that could help you start living a green lifestyle, too! Click here to watch Jon’s tips.

In Oakdale, Mike Kasnoff is heading construction on a green living project being built on part of the Snyder farm. Emma, who is ready to start taking things a little bit easier, made the tough decision to sell off part of her family’s land in the spring. Mike and Paul fought over who would head the project and Meg came up with the perfect solution: Paul could fund the green project and Mike could manage it.

Since then, we’ve heard quite a bit about green living options but haven’t had a lot of practical advice. Thanks to Jon Prescott’s short video Soaps.com can now pass along some green advice.