A very special musical guest is heading to Oakdale this summer! 80’s pop icon Cyndi Lauper will perform at Yo’s in July!

Cyndi will perform the first single from her new album “Bring Ya To The Brink” during the July 3 episode. She will also perform the hit “True Colors”. I contacted a show representative who said that Cyndi will perform at Yo’s; her primary interactions will be with Luke and Noah, who deserve a little down time with the singer, don’t you think?

In the past few months Luke has been shot by Noah’s father, Noah was guilted into a marriage of convenience by his father’s Iraqi ward and now Colonel Mayer has escaped from prison and kidnapped Ameera. Luke and Noah are on his trail but more drama is likely headed their way, too!

In addition to her appearance on As The World Turns, Cyndi will be promoting her new album on “Good Morning America” on June 13.

The Grammy Award winning singer/songwriter has performed at gay pride events around the country over the past few years. She has sold more than 55 million albums worldwide.