The life of a daytime actor or actress is never boring! It seems like rumors pop up each week about what actors are staying or going. has received several emails wondering if a couple of characters are leaving the canvas – or coming back! We contacted our contacts with the show and this is what we learned.

Several posters have asked about Tala Ashe (Ameera). A show representative tells us that Ameera is, indeed, on her way out of Oakdale! It seems like she just arrived! Since Ameera’s arrival on the Oakdale canvas fans have had one of two reactions: they have either loved her addition to the Luke/Noah storyline or have hated the fact that someone was trying to come between their favorite couple.

When Ameera arrived in Oakdale, very few fans trusted her, even though the Snyder family readily accepted her into their little group. Now that the Colonel is back on the scene, many fans believe Ameera has been a double-agent of sorts and they hate her for it. What will actually happen to Ameera? Was she working with the Colonel? Was she just another of his pawns? We’ll find out – and very soon! The show rep wouldn’t tell us an exact exit date yet, but we’ll keep you up to date with the latest information as we hear it.

The next rumor is that Justine Cotsonas (Sofie) is on the way out.