May/December romances are nothing new in the land of soaps, but in nearly every case, it is older man/younger woman. Two budding Oakdale romances certainly have fans buzzing. Is it the age difference alone or are these two pairing simply too much of a stretch? Several As The World Turns fans have weighed in on their opinions about the Sofie/Paul, Emily/Casey pairings.

Sofie began hanging around Paul soon after she finally gave up custody of baby Hallie. He offered friendship but from the beginning, several of us thought Sofie wanted more than a friend to talk to. When Aaron realized the same thing and told her to get lost, Sofie made a beeline for Paul, finally making her move to seduce him! And then, late last week, Casey – who has been working with Emily for a couple of weeks – made an overture toward her by telling her not to think of him as a kid any longer. Are these two romances doomed from the start? Or is there potential for a new Oakdale Super-Couple in the mix?

We’ll begin with the Sofie/Paul pairing.

Now, so far, Sofie seems to be the character who is really into the relationship. Paul has repeatedly told her that he loves Meg. Sofie, however, won’t accept that and keeps telling Paul that she has enough love in her heart for both of them. Some fans think they know why. Paul is very secure financially while Sofie is not. Paul is mature (in his late 30s/early 40s) while Sofie is not (she’s early 20-something). Paul has big shoulders to cry on – and crying is something Sofie does a lot of. Here are a few comments from the message boards.

ErleeBird wrote, “Boggles my mind! Who does Sophie really want? She throws herself at Paul, Chris, Aaron at any opportune moment. I think she wants someone to sponge off!”