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They may not have a lot of screen time and sometimes may not even have a name, but some soap opera dayplayers have a huge impact on our favorite soap. Recently, there have been many fresh faces seen around Oakdale. We thought you might like to know a little more about them.

A few weeks ago, Diane Perell appeared as Ruby, a homeless woman who helped Carly clear Parker. Though Ruby only said a few lines, her willingness to come forward with information about Kit is what ultimately kept Parker out of jail. Before winning the role of Ruby, Diane Perell has had a long career on television and on Broadway. She has made guest-star appearances on shows such as “L.A. Dragnet” and in plays such as “Manner of Trust”.

Just a few days ago, the minister at Brad and Katie’s wedding made us giggle. The wedding itself was hilarious – where else but a soap would all of a bride’s exes be a part of her new wedding? – but the minister took the cake when he froze, leaving no other choice but for Henry to fill in. The minister was played by David Bernardy.

There have been several new faces surrounding the Noah/Ameera/Luke love story, mostly because of Ameera’s immigration status.