Credit: Maura West as Carly (

Well, the day is finally here and it’s been a good one – so far! – for As The World Turns. When the Daytime Emmy Awards Nominees were announced we learned that six actors and actresses from Oakdale were among the lucky few!

You can read all about the 35th Annual Daytime Emmy Award Nominees here. is very excited to announce that Oakdale regulars Van Hansis (Luke), Jesse Lee Soffer (ex-Will), Jennifer Landon (ex-Gwen), Trent Dawson (Henry), Kelley Menighan Hensley (Emily) and Maura West (Carly) have all been nominated!

Let’s begin with Van Hansis. He was nominated for a Outstanding Younger Actor award. Since January of 2007, his character, Luke, has been in turmoil. A new guy, Noah Mayer came to town and Luke began to feel attracted to him. The only problem? Noah was apparently straight and began a relationship with Luke’s best friend, Maddie. After a few near-miss kisses, Noah finally admitted the truth – to himself, to Luke and to Maddie – that he was gay. But that declaration didn’t lead to smooth sailing. Soon after Noah’s dad, a military man, came to town and began targeting Luke. He was shot and paralyzed but that didn’t stop the romance. With the colonel behind bars, Noah stood by Luke and helped him – literally – get back on his feet. This is Van’s first nomination in the Younger Actor category.

Jesse Lee Soffer was also nominated in the Outstanding Younger Actor category. Jennifer Landon, Jesse’s on-screen romantic interest, was nominated in the Outstanding Younger Actress category. Their characters, Will and Gwen, have had plenty of emotional angst this year. Crazy Cleo tried to kill Gwen during a trip to Branson. In the fall, Gwen suffered through a miscarriage and then the couple learned they couldn’t have children naturally. They tried surrogacy but that didn’t wait either. Next they learned that they wouldn’t be considered for adoption because of Will’s mental health issues. Barbara stepped in and helped Will and Gwen set up a private adoption. Little did they know that the baby belonged to Cole and Sofie and that Sofie didn’t want to give the baby up. Once everything came to light, Sofie refused to give them the baby but later changed her tune when she realized she didn’t have the support to raise a child alone. Sofie soon changed her mind and tried to take the baby back but she was charged with kidnapping. Gwen, unable to watch Sofie suffer and unable to keep the baby from her natural mother, gave the baby back to Sofie after a judge ruled that Gwen and Will should be given full custody. Over the Christmas holidays, however, Sofie realized that even though she wanted to raise the baby she couldn’t. Just a few weeks ago, Will and Gwen left Oakdale to start over with baby Hallie.

This is Jesse’s second Younger Actor nomination; Jennifer Landon was nominated and won the Outstanding Younger Actress award in 2006.