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Hey, As The World Turns fans, it looks like some eye candy is headed back to Oakdale in the upcoming months. has learned that Eric William Morris (Matt O’Conner) and Chris Heuisler (Cole Norbeck) are both headed back to town in May!

“Matt O’Conner” was last seen after being shot by Gray Gerard. He presumably went back to prison – after all, associating with felons when you’re on parole is a no-no – so what will bring him back to town remains a mystery. Has Margo used her pull to give Matt early release? Or is something more sinister going on? One thing is for certain, the return of Matt will liven things up around Oakdale. His one friend, Casey, likely won’t be too happy about Matt’s return and gal-pal Alison is now starting up a romance with Chris Hughes.

Could Matt’s return lead to a love triangle with Alison and Chris? I would say that is likely, though any else is possible, too. One thing I do know, bringing back Matt is a smart move by the powers that be. The character of Matt was well-received by most fans when he first arrived with Casey in January. Returning to the canvas now that we know a bit about his past is certain to liven things up as the summer months heat up!