Credit: Ryan Serhant played Evan (

For the third summer, CBS Daytime is trolling for a few new daytime stars. The online fan-favorite InTurn III began casting earlier this winter and last week, the cast was announced and the first episode went live.

InTurn is an online reality show which pits 10 aspiring actors against one another for a 13-week contract role on As The World Turns. You can watch the 10 minute episodes and extras online; new episodes are made live every Tuesday and Thursday from April 15, 2008 through June 10, 2008. You can watch those episodes here.

This year’s contestants – Michael Derek, Alisha Henry, William Howard, Peyton Lee, Nell Mooney, Krista Miller, Christian Omari, Kara Quick, Justin Smith and Audra Wahhab – will compete with one another in acting challenges and receive advice from ATWT stars like Michael Park, Dylan Bruce and Marnie Schulenburg.