Valentine’s Day is here and that means a lot of thought about love for soap fans. I thought it would be fun to take a trip down memory lane and revisit the great loves of Carly Tenney’s lifetime in an effort to figure out just who Carly’s greatest love is.

Let’s begin with the marriages, and there have been quite a few, haven’t there? First she married Hal Munson (to become pregnant and earn $50 million). He divorced her and Brad Snyder conned her in to marrying him. Brad actually fell hard for Carly but she was hung up on brother Jack so Brad eventually set Carly free. Jack was hurt about her deceptions so Carly left town again and fell into another loveless marriages (to Winston Lowe) but she never gave up hope that her G-man would come to her rescue.

So let’s focus on the G-Man himself for a few minutes.