Carly's shoter 'do is too cute! (

We get hundreds of emails, here at, every month asking about star styles and hairstyles. Thanks to help from our contacts with the shows we can usually answers these questions for you, but a recent question really caught my eye – because I’ve been wondering about it, too! Just how does Carly, played by Maura West, get such great body and curl into her hair?

One of our viewers wrote, “I have always loved Carly’s character and style. I especially love her new curly hair. Could you please tell me what products she uses and how she gets such gorgeous curls? Does she use a curling iron or a diffuser or both? Thank you so much.”

So I did a little research on how to get this great hairstyle – and Carly’s newer, shorter, curly style. Here is what I found out!

The curly look is created daily (for those of you without naturally curly hair) with a curling iron. There are three basic steps: