But Craig still had his evil moments! (Soaps.com)

When news broke this week that Scott Bryce, Craig, was leaving As The World Turns a lot of the Oakdale faithful were heartbroken. It seemed that we just got our original-Craig back, and suddenly he is leaving the show? How could it be?

Well, we all know that actors come and go from the soaps, but for many fans there is no Craig like Scott’s Craig. In the past few months he has turned the character around by giving him a heart, albeit a heart still masked in evil-business-tycoon foil.

Rumor has it that he was fired from the show over the Christmas holidays,but that has not been confirmed to us at Soaps.com. A show spokesperson sent us the following statement from Scott.

“I love and respect the cast and crew of As The World Turns and hope their World continues to turn for years to come,” said Scott Bryce.