UPDATE – February 8, 2008!!
Soaps.com has learned that Trent Dawson, Henry, is staying at ATWT! On his blog, Trent wrote, “Thank you guys for the campaigning! Contract issues were resolved and Hank is sticking around. In fact he’s very busy right now. Consider your mission accomplished, and my thanks eternal.”

So, what lies ahead for the character of Henry? We’ll have to wait and see but it is encouraging that Trent writes that he is busy on-set right now. That can only be good, right? We’ll keep you updated as to what is in store for Trent (and Henry). Stay tuned!!

Original Article:
Actors come and go on daytime television and it appears that two more could be leaving our favorite soap town, Oakdale, in the coming months.

So, let’s get right to it, shall we?

In a blog post last week, Cady McClain, who has been vocal about her status at As The World Turns talked about her last day. In the same blog post, she mentioned that her last day on the set was the same as that of Grayson McCouch, Dusty.

According to Cady’s blog, which you can read here, the show gave Grayson a cake and he then made a final speech and bid farewell to the cast and crew.

Grayson joined the cast in 2003 and is only the second “Dusty Donovan” in Oakdale (Brian Bloom played Dusty from 1983-1988).