Craig feels the baby kick. (

Incurable, unnamed diseases, comas, car accidents. They are all staples of daytime television, but this week As The World Turns writers turned to a very real disease to ramp up the tension in the Meg/Craig/Paul baby triangle.

When Craig and Meg visited her doctor on December 13th, he told them that Meg was a carrier of Gaucher’s Disease (it’s pronounced go-SHAYS). Because of limited time, and because explaining diseases doesn’t make for exciting television, fans didn’t learn much about the disease other than the fact that it could harm Meg’s baby. We thought we’d enlighten viewers with a little history – and an explanation – about the disease.

It was first discovered in 1880 by a French doctor and is most common in Eastern or Central European Jews (called Ashkenazi Jews).

According to the Mayo Clinic, Gaucher’s Disease is a disorder which affects organs like the liver, spleen or lungs and even bone marrow by allowing a build-up of fatty substances surrounding the affected area.