Credit: Katie & Simon were fan favorites! (CBS)

Simon and Katie. Lily and Holden. Bob and Kim. Carly and Jack. They are some of our favorite Oakdale supercouples, but only one – Bob and Kim – are still together! Carly and Jack had a huge break-up beginning last week. Holden has begun divorce proceedings from Lily, and Simon was last seen on a plane to nowhere with Carly.

We thought it would be fun to take a look into the past to relive some of the best times with our favorite supercouples.

But first, what makes up a supercouple? According to the Urban Slang Dictionary a supercouple is a fictional couple who repeatedly overcomes adversity together and reunite. That sums it up for us, too. So let’s get started.

Lily and Holden.

The duo first met when he was a simple stable boy at Lucinda (Lily’s mother) Walsh’s stables. Sparks flew from the very beginning even though Lily was seeing Dusty Donovan at the time. It wasn’t just Holden that Lily was attracted to; she also became very attached to Holden’s close-knit family. There were tough times for the two: Lily learned she was the biological daughter of Holden’s adopted sister, Iva, and ran away from Oakdale for a while.

Dusty and Holden both went looking for her but Dusty found her first. However, Holden was right on her heels and, upon learning Dusty sold her out to John Dixon, Lily left with Holden. This was the first of many trials that separated Lils and Holden throughout the years, but each time they managed to find their way back to one another.