What is Evan Walsh IV's story? (Soaps.com)

This week marks the debut of a new actor on the soap scene. Ryan Serhant, the winner of CBS.com’s InTurn 2, takes on the role of Evan Walsh IV. This is Ryan’s first gig on daytime television but he is no stranger to acting.

I had the chance to speak with Ryan a few weeks ago and learned he has been acting for a long, long time.

“I started acting as early as I can remember,” Ryan said. “It was the only thing I was ever interested in and it became serious for me in college. I majored in acting (in college), and moved to New York right after. This is my first big, professional role.”

Ryan attended Hamilton College in upstate New York, still the move to New York City is a big step from his home in small-town Colorado. Has the move given Ryan a little bit of culture shock?