Join for the second installment of our decade by decade track through the history of a TV legend.

In the 1960s, at its ratings peak, ATWT was to become the pop culture equivalent of what American Idol was to more recent times. At its most popular the series had a fifteen percent share of viewers. Scripted television has rarely, if ever, scaled heights of cultural domination to that degree and it was the serial that did it first.

When the 1960s dawned, things were quickly shaken up in Oakdale with the arrival of the Miller family. This meant that Lisa (Eileen Fulton) arrived in town and quickly became the center of stormy romances, divorces, blackmail and other scandalous behavior that kept audiences glued to the screen. She was so popular that she even got her own show, “Our Private World,” though it only lasted 38 episodes. Perhaps as even more of a tribute, the popularity of her character is said to have helped lead to ‘Lisa’ becoming one of the most popular baby names in America.