Does this look like a sick woman? (

It has been a crazy couple of months in Oakdale: Jack and Katie got married, Carly began feeling sick (and was diagnosed with a terminal disease) and Jack stepped up to the plate for her. Since, we’ve learned that Carly was mis-diagnosed by her doctors but she insists on living out her lie to get Jack back.

The entire storyline has some long-term “CarJack” fans seeing red – and blaming the As the World Turns writing staff for “ruining” their favorite leading lady.

Here is what a few of them have had to say:

AgentSweetness said, “It’s hard to watch Carly act like this. I love her but the writers are doing a good job of letting me dislike her. I can’t help disliking her, in fact I can’t watch her.”

All4Babe said, “Right now I am just disgusted with the writers, I don’t know why they would want to destroy one of the most core/loved characters on the show, but I hope they think of something really good that could redeem Carly and put her back with Jack.”