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Thoughts on the week of August 30:

It was a rather morbid week in Oakdale. It was also highly concentrated, which helped a great deal. There was no CarJack to be seen. No Dusty or Janet, no Craig or Lily. Unfortunately there was quite a bit of Katie but beggars can’t be choosers.

No more Nancy.
Although I knew it was coming, I found Nancy’s death rather odd. Maybe disappointing would be a better way of putting it. There wasn’t even a funeral. I think it was the least ceremonial death for a major character I’ve ever seen. I can understand why. She’s been largely absent for years and they don’t have a lot of time left, but still… When Alice Horton died on Days they spun it out for weeks and Nancy’s death, coinciding with the end of the show, has even more symbolic value. It’s not that it was badly done exactly, but more like it was underdone and it left an eerie depressing tone over everything which made Chris’ situation feel a lot less dramatic and just plain dreary. Maybe that’s part of some larger plan for emotional catharsis as the show ushers to the end? I know the final week is going to flip things into optimism overdrive. We’ll have to wait and see if it actually works… But the candle scene with her family and friends was nice and simple and Bob and Kim’s scene discussing her passing the next day was also subtle and quite decent. Kim had a bunch of good scenes actually.

Return engagement.
Alison and Casey got engaged again. That was cute, even though their past engagement was kind of painful. For some reason, I always manage to completely ignore the history of both characters so I never know how to feel about anything they do. They’re just kind of there and vaguely pleasant. I guess it doesn’t help that people have been constantly getting married and engaged on the show for the past few months, big soap events that are generally played anti-climatically for some reason in Oakdale. Henry and Barbara actually made that work and made it touching, but most of the time it feels like these things only happen so that they can flop and be undone.