Chauntee Schuler will take over Danielle's role! (CBS)

Actors come and go in daytime television but we never forget those great characters. Two such characters will return to the Oakdale scene in the next few weeks. has learned that two roles have been recast. First we’ll tell you who is out!

Kenneth Franklin, who took over the role of Dallas Griffin in February 2007, is out. Dallas appeared in Oakdale in 2006 after being transferred from the Chicago police. He became integral to the plot against Maddie Coleman and helped bring her sister – and attempted murderer! – to justice. Since that big case, Dallas has led other investigations including helping Jack with the search for JJ earlier this summer.

With Franklin’s exit, the role has been recast. Wole’ Parks will take over the role of Dallas Griffin on November 14th. He is the third actor to take on the role. You may remember seeing him in the “Law & Order” episode titled “Bling” or in the 2003 film Polaroid.

The role of Bonnie McKechnie, Jessica’s daughter, has also been recast. has learned that Bonnie will have some information that will help Holden, but that is all the teaser that we can provide!

Bonnie was last played by Napiera Danielle, who was cast in the role from 2001-2003 and again in 2004. Bonnie left town when she was released from jail (she was pleaded guilty to manslaughter charges for Marshall’s death) and moved to Florida to be with Isaac.