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Thoughts on the week of August 9:

The pacing is picking up again as the series enters its final weeks, which accounts for why some things may feel a little sketched out while others are drawn out.

Poor Craig.
He gets blamed for everything. Although there’s good reason for that, it’s also a bit lazy. Watching Carly and Jack sit around trying to figure out how he was too blame for all of her recent problems was a good laugh. They both realized that blaming him for the fake factory was stupid but persisted in doing it anyway. At least they’re consistent. Meanwhile, Holden tried to blame him for everything so he could ignore most of Lily’s extensive flaws. She’s well aware of them, of course, which is why she is so needy, the one flaw he did point out. That’s why he loves her more than Molly after all. Molly wasn’t needy enough (which is pretty amazing considering how needy Molly was). Actually, Lily isn’t needy enough either, she just allows Holden’s neediness to go into overdrive until it overflows on someone else. It’s depressing watching them move back together. Her history with Craig may stink, but they still have more attractive chemistry.

Poor Lucy.

Dragged into town by Lucinda to be used in another of her games. The difference between a pimp and Lucinda is that a pimp has the integrity to let the girl keep some of the money, or at least offer the pretense of protection. Of course, it wasn’t just Lucinda who was using her, it was Dusty too. She clued into this pretty fast and realized she might as well skip town because being there was pointless. At least she got some sex out of it. And she got to meet her little brother. If only they had more time… it would actually be really interesting to watch Craig’s kids interact more… Gabriel’s mostly been left to mope around town. But who wouldn’t mope with someone like Lucinda throwing their shadow over their life? Lily, Sierra and Lucy shared a great scene where they celebrated the evilest ‘L’ of all, admiring her accomplishments and thanking God that they aren’t like her. Vote in our poll and let us know who you think is the most like Lucinda.