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Thoughts on the week of August 2:

The sensation that things are rapidly winding down is starting to sink in. At this point, with pacing being what it is, there isn’t room for much more than finishing out the plots that are currently on display. Maybe that’s why I feel so much anxiety when I watch the show now.

How stupid are these people?
So Lily figured out that the factory in France was as real as Francoise’s accent. You would think that she and Carly would have actually checked into it a little more thoroughly but… It’s Craig I’m most disappointed in. Between Jack and vodka Carly barely has a brain left and between Holden and Damian, the same can be said for Lily. But what’s Craig’s excuse? Was he so desperate to get involved that he didn’t bother considering where his money was going? It’s out of character for him to be this dumb. Vote in our poll and let us know who you think has shown the worst business sense.

And the great romance continued… sort of.

Even more than CarJack, HoLy have managed to pull out every cliché in the soap writer’s handbook and play them out at their worst. He ran off from his wedding to rescue her, basically from her mother, which is rather fitting given their history. But she didn’t need him saving her. If she needs saving from anything it’s from the repetitive stress disorder they would call a relationship. Even if I once liked Holden and Lily together, this would still suck at this point. Craig flew back to Oakdale at supersonic speed while Holden and Lily got trapped in turbulence and had to land in Montreal (which was represented by a shed. If you ever lived in that city as I have, you’d find that hilarious). Unfortunately, this shed didn’t have any ancient marshmallow whip for them to make fluffernutters out of, so they just had to retread their relationship with a diamond.