Jake playing Noah opposite Van Hansis' Luke (Soaps.com)

Since joining the cast of As The World Turns in June, Jake Silbermann has made a huge impression on fans, and with only a couple of months on the canvas he is already in the middle of a huge storyline: Luke and Noah’s romance!

I chatted with Jake about the storyline a couple of weeks ago. You can read that article here. We also spoke about his fellow actors and how his life has changed since joining the show in June.

Kristi: “Being such a new character on the Oakdale canvas, what has it been like to be thrust right to the front burner?”

Jake: “Everybody has been very supportive and the feedback (from the fans) has been good so I just kind of feel like I’ve been joined up with this storyline going all the way back to Van’s storyline last summer (that is when Luke came out to his family). It’s really great to be such a strong part of this great storyline.”

Kristi: “Noah has been polarized a bit and spends most of his time with Luke and Maddie. Will Noah start branching out to other members of the community soon?”

Jake: “I have started working with some more of the other actors in the show. I’ve been working more with the (entire) Snyder families and have some scenes coming up with Dusty.”

Kristi: “Which cast member would you say you look up to the most and why?”