It’s difficult enough for soap fans to say goodbye to their favorite show as they watch the final episode, all edited and in perfect form for broadcasting. It can be emotional to watch each scene as it creeps up to the final moments that have been years, sometimes decades in the making. As emotional and nerve wrecked as we may be, imagine the mental condition of the actors/actresses, cast and crew, that are focused on delivering those wonderful scenes during this time. Some of your favorite actors have talked about As The World Turns final days of filming with The cast and crew have said their goodbyes and shed the tears for the cancellation of the show that fans and Daytime in general are dreading like the plague.

An amazed Michael Park (Jack Snyder) looked out upon his peers as he accepted his award for Outstanding Lead Actor at the recent Daytime Emmy Award Celebration, and proclaimed, “There’s a party going on in Canandaigua, NY right now, that must be crazy, with my mother, father and grandmother who have watched the show from the beginning!” With all eyes on him as he stood at the microphone on stage in front of his daytime peers, Park expressed to them all, “We had to say goodbye to over 60 members of our family on Wednesday. It was heartbreaking, and I pray you never have to endure what we had to endure on Wednesday!” I’m sure stars from all shows took to heart what Park said, considering the great uncertainty there is among Daytime Soaps right now.