As soap opera fans, we learn a lot about the real lives of some of our favorite characters. But what about those characters that are only on our screens for a few minutes or even a day or two? Many of them are very busy actors and actresses, even if we only see them now and then. tracked down a few “bit” players and we thought you would be interested to know where else they have had starring roles!

Anslem Richardson is a familiar face to many Oakdale fans. We see him a few times each week as the bar manager at the Lakeview. On the show he plays “Joel”, though that name is only mentioned now and then. In addition to his work on ATWT he has appeared on television shows such as “Law & Order: Criminal Intent” and “Third Watch”. He has also appeared in several feature films such as “The Exonerated” and “The Falls”.

Robert Turano became a pleasant surprise to ATWT fans when he showed up on the canvas as a poker chum of Henry’s named “Al”. When he lost a game of five-card-stud we found out who he really was: the “Al” of “Al’s Diner”! Now that he is out of Oakdale, Robert is set to begin shooting a movie called “Small Time Crime”.

A couple of months ago the Snyder clan was thrown into chaos when JJ was kidnapped. Yancy Butler’s “Ava” was the cause of the chaos because, working with her husband “Silas”, they kidnapped him. Before joining the cast in Oakdale, Yancy starred in the television series “Witchblade” and also appeared in “The Lyon’s Den”. In addition to television work, she has appeared in films such as “Striking Range” and “The Last Letter”.