Teary eyed (Soaps.com)

Thoughts on the week of July 19:

Things took an abrupt change of direction this week as the Barbaranapping receding into the background the rest of the town came into focus more. What continued from last week was the increased focus on Craig. Vote in our poll and let us know how well plotted you think the show has been lately.

Craig as the center of attention.
Most of the week was actually taken up by Craig. That’s not a bad thing. Once again, a substantial part of the show is being built up around him and his various relationships. It’s a far better fit than having him as Carly’s latest bedmate and is a perfect way to bring old characters back into the fold. Things have become instantly more expansive, but in a different way. While most of the characters on the canvas suck other characters reduce them through an endless play of threesomes, Craig’s wandering history actually allows for greater diversity. Things seem a little richer when he’s at play. Bringing in his many relations and lovers is already given the show some fresh oxygen after the Snyder clan sucked most of it out over the past few years. It was really nice to see Sierra again.

Lily’s progress.

Lily continued to show more backbone when dealing with her mother. Even if Lucinda has the upper hand for the moment, that is destined not to last and she seems doomed to lose out with her latest gamble for control. While I like Lily and Craig together, I’m not thrilled to see that she is already falling back into her old habits of being too reliant on a man.