What does the future hold for "Nuke"? (CBS)

He has only been in Oakdale for a couple of months, but already Jake Silbermann, Noah, has become a fan favorite! With his handsome looks and the help of a great (and controversial!) storyline, it looks like Jake will be around for years to come.

I had the chance to chat with Jake about As The World Turns a few days ago and found out that become Oakdale’s most recent “overnight success” has been a difficult but fun road to travel.

Kristi – “Let’s talk a little bit about the show first off. Noah and Maddie seemed to hit it off right away. Then the attraction with Luke and now Noah’s father is in town. Will things get any easier for Noah?”

Jake: Well, he (Noah) definitely has a past which we’re going to learn more about. But the colonel is coming from a place that he wants to be a good father, he wants to raise Noah in “the right way”. Noah is reacting to that. His father always seems to come back (into his life) at points where Noah is ready to say “I am ready to be on my own”, and then his father will try to step in and exert his control again. So Noah will take one step forward and two steps back.”

Kristi – “What are your thoughts on the Noah/Maddie/Luke love triangle?”