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Thoughts on the week of July 12:

It was a Janet heavy week in Oakdale (but at least it was relatively Katie light). It was one of those odd, turnaround weeks they do when they stop concentrating on one or two plots exclusively and basically zoom out on the rest of the town more. That’s good and bad. The middle of the week wasn’t so strong, but the bookends of it were pretty swell.

The new guy.

Blackthorn seems like he could be kind of an interesting character, but it’s too soon to say. It’s rather iffy. He has a nice name, but that might not be enough to save him from the cliches that afflict any character who emerges from Janet’s past. Besides, this is leading to another triangle with two men vying for Janet. Once you throw Jack back into the mix with Carly trailing behind him, I’m not sure this can do anything but make a bad situation worse. Lucy coming back into the fray next week might make the whole thing even more over the top. I don’t see how constantly multiplying something that was dysfunctional at the outset is supposed to make it work better, unless they are attempting to break a record for the densest romantic mess on Daytime. It will be fascinating to see if they can actually make the whole thing consistent or if it will constantly lose focus. At least if Blackthorn and Dusty become rivals, that could create problems between him and Lucinda at Worldwide and that could have interesting repercussions.

Jack and Carly: not together again.
Jack and Carly nearly got together again, and then didn’t because she wants to take it slow. But can you take a relationship that has been through everything theirs has slow?