Who will Brad choose? (Soaps.com)

A couple of days ago, I spoke with Austin Peck about the upcoming Soap Cruise (by the way, there is still time to sign up and sail away with your favorite stars. Find out more here) and we got a little sidetracked talking about his current storyline on As The World Turns and the love quadrangle involving Brad, Carly, Jack and Katie.

Austin says there are a few surprises on the way for his alter-ego Brad Snyder.

Austin Peck – “Brad’s a good guy but he’s human. He does have a very selfish side. (But) He is such a pleasure for me to play after Austin Reed on Days – he was written so archaic and so good that he couldn’t know anything. Sometimes I just felt like, ‘He’s so dumb!’.”

Kristi – “Our readers what to know – is Brad really trying to get over Katie or is he just trying a subtler way of winning her over?”

Austin Peck – “I think it’s both. I think that Brad has been living a certain way for so long that he really has fallen in love with Katie but to what extent he really doesn’t know. He can’t commit to loving her. . .He has a lot of pride to a certain degree and he’s not willing to fully commit his heart to something that isn’t really there for him.”

Kristi – “Do you think Katie is the right girl for Brad?”