Shamika Cotton to star in a film! (Credit - IMDB)

Actors and actresses come and go on our favorite soaps, but they are never forgotten. Recently I took a look in the vault of actors who left As The World Turns and found out several of our faves have gone on to become huge stars post-Oakdale. Read on to find out what your favorite former soap stars have been up to in recent years.

Hunt Block, ex-Craig, is returning to daytime television! No, he isn’t returning to Oakdale, but has learned that Hunt Block will begin playing a new role, FBI Agent Lee Ramsey on OLTL. You can read more about his new role here.

Shamika Cotton, ex-Dr. Rourke, has been quite busy since leaving Oakdale. In 2006 she starred in several episodes of the television serious “The Wire”. She is also slated to star in a late-2007 film release called “Stream”. She plays young Jodi in the sci-fi flick (Whoopi Goldberg plays adult Jodi). We’ll keep you updated on the film’s release!

Zach Roerig, ex-Casey, has finished filming a new movie called “Dear Me”. The movie centers around a young woman who tells all in her blog. He is also a regular on OLTL.

Ben Hendrickson, ex-Det. Hal Munson, passed away in July 2006 from a self-inflicted gun shot wound. Readers who want to know more about this can read on here.

Bailey Chase, ex-Chris, has moved to cable network TNT, playing opposite Holly Hunter on Saving Grace! And this fall, you just might catch him on Ugly Betty. We’ll keep you updated on Bailey talks to return for Season 2 of that show.

Annie Parisse, ex-Julia Snyder, left Oakdale for the crime-ridden streets of New York City and the role of Alexandra Borgia on “Law & Order”. She has since moved on to movie roles and has three films set for release. “Blackbird” which released in 2007, “First Person Singular” which is currently in post-production and “Definitely, Maybe” set for release in 2008.

Napiera Danielle Groves, ex-Bonnie, left Oakdale in 2004 for the bright lights of Hollywood. Since leaving she has appeared on television shows like “How I Met Your Mother”, “Zoey 101” and “All of Us”. And earlier this year starred in the film “Redrum” as Michelle.

And let’s not forget a few “golden oldie” stars (no, they aren’t really old). Whatever happened to our favorite Oakdale characters from the 1980s and 1990s? I found out what a few have been up to.