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This is a complete list of ins and outs or comings and goings for As The World Turns:

* Soap vet Stuart Damon arrives in town as Ralph starting on Friday September 18.

* Frank Clem is playing the role of Ebb.

* It looks like Guiding Light‘s Tom Pelphrey will be coming to Oakdale soon.

* It seems as though Austin Peck will be leaving the series. The show has declined to comment on the matter at this time.

* It looks like Chauntee Schuler will be leaving the role of Bonnie behind. She and Grayson McCouch just finished shooting her exit story.

* Alexandra Chando is coming back as Maddie. Learn more here.

* Stephen Graybill will be playing George on Monday, July 20.

* Matt Edwards will be appearing as Ed Lazarus on Thursday July 23.

* Vanessa Ray will join the cast as Janet’s sister, Teri, om Thursday July 23.

* John Hillner will be in town as Dean Severn on Thursday July 23.

* Forbes March be making his first appearance as Mason on Tuesday July 14.

* Stephen Graybill will play George on Monday July 20.

* Stuart Damon is joining the cast this fall. Read more here.

* Judi Evans is joining the cast. Read more here.

* Daniel Hugh Kelly returns as Col. Mayer on Tuesday, June 23.

* Lynn Herring and Michael Woods are coming to the show this July. Read about it here.

* Tony winner Karen Ziemba will be appearing as Aurora on Tuesday, June 16.

* Trent Dawson will be playing Geneva Swift on Wednesday, July 17.

* Corey Eid is going to be playing Gabe and spending some time with Liberty on Friday, June 19.

* Christine Perkins plays Gina on June 2; Gina gets Brad into trouble.

* Drew McVety plays a police officer on June 3.

* Jeff Williams plays a diner owner on June 4.

* has learned that ATWT is casting about for a sister for Janet Ciccone Snyder (played by Julie Pinson).

* Joe Dawson plays Gus, a man interested in Carly, on May 29.

* Allyce Beasley plays Edna on May 26.

* Jim Wisniewski plays Mr. Quick, who cons Brad and Katie, beginning May 19.

* Liz Holtan plays Sally, the babysitter Paul paid off, beginning May 19.

* has learned that Forbes March will join ATWT in the new role of “Mason”, July 14 a 20-something college professor at Oakdale U! Read all about that here.

* Welcome back Daniel! has learned that Daniel Hugh Kelley will return to Oakdale as Col. Winston Mayer in June!

* Tom Degnan joins the cast as Riley Morgan in June.

* Evan Alex Cole joins the cast as Hunter on April 30! Read more about that here.

* Ed Fry returns as Larry McDermott in May! Ed’s first airdate is May 25!

* Cady McClain returns as Rosanna Cabot on May 20.

* Michael Crecco appears as “Mr. Pants”, who makes trouble for Casey on April 21.

* Charissa Chamorro plays a woman with psychic abilities beginning in April. Read more about that here.

* has learned that Chauntee Schuler (Bonnie McKechnie) is staying in Oakdale. Bonnie hasn't been seen around Oakdale of late but will soon be around on a recurring basis. * Mo Kanekoa (Cesar) leaves Oakdale in a body bag on April 30! * Goodbye Zac and Zoe! has learned that the 'Terrible Twins' are leaving Oakdale! Nicholas Galbraith (Zac) and Melinda Sullivan (Zoe) will be arrested and leave the canvas the week of April 27. * Goodbye, Lucy, again! has learned that Sarah Glendening (Lucy Montgomery) will be leaving Oakdale in May.

Thursday, September 24th, 2009


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