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This is a complete list of comings and goings, or ‘ins and outs’ for As The World Turns. This is updated on a regular basis to ensure our readers have first hand news! Enjoy!

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Coming to Oakdale
*Kristin Griffith plays “Mrs. Dunn” on March 4.

*Sean Mahan plays a Homeland Security Officer with questions for Ameera on March 7.

*Anselm Richards returns at The Lakeview manager on February 6.

*on February 28, Chris Hartl and Will Poston will play two guy who make trouble for Noah, Ameera and Luke!

*Welcome Billy Magnussen! He will take over the role of Casey later this year! You can read more about Billy here.

*Edward Vassalo plays a cop who helps Katie on February 11.

Jimmy Wolk plays a sailor in a special Valentine’s Day episode.

*Erik Heger plays Sofie’s lawyer beginning February 12.

*Adam LeFevre appears as the judge in Hallie’s custody battle on February 15 and 18.

*On January 2, James Riordan plays “Dr. Hearn” and gives Barbara some tough news.

*Wesley Broulik plays a musician who makes trouble for Sam on February 8.

*Hope Chernov appears as Dr. Seidman on January 30th.

*Mark Jacoby plays Trip Baker, Emily’s lawyer, on January 31st.

*Zach Sorrow appears as Dylan on February 1.

*Michael Izquierdo plays Neil on February 4.

*Sarita Covington returns as “Krista”, the prostitute who helped Lily find Cheri’s killer, in January.

*Leah Johnston plays Hallie’s babysitter on January 23.

*Chance Kelly plays “Joe”, Katie’s firefighter hunk, January 9 and 10.

*Peter Richards plays “Jay” on January 4th and gets Lily into a little trouble!

*Mike Houston plays “Marshal” on December 27th.

*On December 18th John Ottavio plays “Dr. Sherwood”.

*Harmon Walsh appears as Meg’s doctor in November.

*Lauretta Vaughn, Kit, will reprise her role as the Idaho barmaid in November!

*The role of Dallas has been re-cast. Beginning November 14th, Wole Parks, will take over the role.

*Welcome Wally Kurth! has learned that Wally Kurth will be joining the cast of ATWT. Wally will first appear November 28th! He will be linked to Kit, the Montana barmaid and Carly’s new business partner!

*Athena Currey plays “Mia” on December 13th.

*Sara Chase, the mother Meg helped, returns on December 14th.

*On December 7th Rebecca Kaasa plays a nurse at Oakdale Memorial.

*UPDATE: has learned that ATWT has re-cast the role of Bonnie! Chauntee’ Schuler will join the cast as Bonnie McKechnie on November 5th! You may remember that Bonnie was last played by Napiera Danielle from 2001-2003.

*Travis Wood will join the cast as Eli Wood. “Eli” was last played by Marc Alden Gray in 2006. At that time, the genetics expert was very attracted to Meg.

*Welcome back, Kelley Menighan Hensley, Emily. Kelley left for maternity leave in June. She returned October 24th.

*Neal Bledsoe plays Cole’s lawyer on November 13th!

*Update: ATWT has cast a new Chris! Dylan Bruce joined the cast in October. Chris was last played by Bailey Chase, who left Oakdale in 2005 to take a job at a Pittsburgh hospital.

*Welcome Ryan Serhant! The InTurn 2 winner begins his contract role of Evan Walsh IV in November. In the mean time you can learn more about Ryan and the InTurn show here.

*Malachy Cleary will play the minister at Paul and Rosanna’s wedding. He also performed their marriage ceremony in 2004

*Linda Cook, Ann, will return with bad news for Will and Gwen on October 29th.

*On October 29th, Krissy Shields will play a realtor who needs an answer from Katie!

*Ron Domingo appears as a fertility specialist October 25th.

*Daniel Hugh Kelly is returning to Oakdale for a small stay as Noah’s military father! No word how long he will be on the canvas.

*Elisa Bond appears as Carly’s oncologist beginning October 1st.
*Get ready for several real-life stars to guest on ATWT. All of the stars will be guests on Oakdale Now with Brad and Katie: on October 8th, Former NY Giants quarterback Phil Simms will appear, on October 12th author Emily Giffin (Something Borrowed, Something Blue) will guest star and on October 18th, watch Food Network star Sandra Lee cook up something delicious with Brad and Katie!

*Jim Barry plays “Sly”, who makes trouble for Dusty starting on Sept. 26th!

*Jonathan Roumie plays “Jim Fellows”, a private investigator hired by Rosanna on September 28th!

*Justine Cotsonas, Sofie Duran, is joining the cast. She will play a waitress at The Lakeview.

*Chris Heuisler, Cole, also joins the cast later this summer. He plays a bully who crosses Aaron; he is in a relationship with “Sofie”.

Leaving Oakdale! *Wally Kurth, Sam, is leaving Oakdale. The actor signed a short-term contract and will finish shooting this month. * has learned that Ryan Serhant, Evan, is leaving. You can read more about that here. * has learned that Grayson McCouch, Dusty, is leaving Oakdale. His last airdate is scheduled for January 18. *Terri Garber, Iris will leave the show in January. * has learned that Chris Huisler</strong is out as Cole Norbeck! His last airdate is December 4th! *Chris Huisler, Cole, has left Oakdale! His last day was December 4th. *Cady McClain, Rosanna, has announced she is leaving the show earlier than expected. You can read all about that here. No final air date has been released. *Daniel Hugh Kelly, Col. Winston Mayer, will make his last appearance in Oakdale on November 20th! But we may not have seen the last of him! *Kenneth Franklin,, Dallas, is leaving Oakdale. The role has been re-cast. *Alexandra Chando, Maddie, is leaving ATWT. *Goodbye, Robin Mattson, Cherie! Dusty finally gets his way and the Oakdale madam is murdered! Kelley Menighan Hensley, Emily, is leaving Oakdale - for a short time! Kelley is on maternity leave (read about that here) and her character is headed to Europe to deal with the fallout surrounding her and Dusty's burgeoning relationship.

Friday, November 30th, 2007


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