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* Ernest Mingione will appear as Rocco on Wednesday March 24 and Friday March 26.

* Ben Levin appears as a Gabriel on Thursday March 25.

* John Palumbo shows up in the role of Crowe and causing problems for Dusty on Friday March 26.

* Teri Garber is returning as Iris. Read more here.

* Edward Watts will be making mischief for Dr. Oliver when he pops up as Judd on Tuesday March 16 and Wednesday March 17.

* Julianne Moore (Frannie Hughes Crawford from 1985-1987) will be returning to the show for a cameo appearance.

* Kurt McKinney (Liam of “Gotham”, Matt Reardon on GL) will be coming to Oakdale for a few brief appearances as Craig’s business partner, Ellis. He will make his first appearance in mid February.

* Valentine de Angelis has been cast as Faith Snyder. Click the link to read more!

* Sarah Wilson has been cast as Liberty Ciccone. Click the link to read more and look for her in mid-March.

* Paul Leyden (Simon Frasier) will be leaving Oakdale this week.

* Sam Freed plays Mr. Lee, ans associate of Clarissa’s, on Wednesday January 13.

* Joel Hurt Jones plays Dr. Brigham on Thursday January 14.

* Mark Irish plays Dr. Pressman and gives Janet some bad news on Thursday January 14.

* Bonnie Marsh plays Kiki on Friday January 15.

* James Riordan will play Dr. Hearn on Monday January 18.

* Haviland Morries and Sami Gyale play mother and daughter Bridget and Hayden. They attempt to sabotage Sage’s chance at a pageant on Friday, January 8 and Monday January 11.

* Tony Nation will be playing a pageant official on Friday January 8. * Lisa Gold appears as the pageant director on Monday January 11. * Domenico D'Ippolito and Nicole Weaver play a pair of Parker and Liberty's friends on Monday January 11. * Wiley Wisdom will portray Janet's priest, Father Farley, on Thursday January 7. * Brian Hotaling will play Dr. Wilson on Tuesday, January 5 and Wednesday January 6. * Kahan James appears as Dr. Kantor on Wednesday January 6. * Eric Sheffer Stevens will be playing Dr. Oliver Reid beginning on January 19. He will be trying to help Noah regain his vision. * Paolo Seganti will soon be departing from the role of Damian Grimaldi. * Roger Rathburn will play the judge who decides Meg's fate on Tuesday December 22. * Robert O'Gorman plays the funeral director that Barbara talks to on Tuesday December 22. * Marjorie Johnson appears as an attendant who unwillingly helps Meg make her escape on Tuesday December 22. * Bill Buell plays Santa on Thursday December 24. * Angel Alicia appears as a friend of Brad's on Thursday December 24. * Dylan Snyder will play one of Parker's teammates on Monday December 28. * Paulina Porizkova will play Clarissa over several episodes beginning on Tuesday January 5. * The role of Liberty Ciccone will be recast. No word yet on when the character will return. * Ashley Marie Greiner will be exiting as Faith Snyder after Christmas. The character will be recast and aged. * Cady McClain is leaving the role of Rosanna behind right before her character can marry Craig. * Annie Mistak will play Mary on Thursday, December 10. * Paulina Porizkova arrives as Clarissa on Tuesday, January 5. * Amani Emanuel will play Davy on Tuesday, December 1. * Gary Wilmes plays Glen on Friday December 4 * Bill Massof will portray Reverend Price on Monday, December 7. * Supermodel, Paulina Porizkova arrives as Clarissa on Tuesday January 5. Read more about Paulina Porizkova's arrival, here. * Helen Wagner will be back as Nancy for Thanksgiving. * Meredith Hagner (Liberty Ciccone) is leaving.Read details about why she's leaving, on * Alexis Keeling plays a girl at the food bank on Tuesday, November 24. * Daniel Cosgrove will be joining the show. Find out what part Daniel will play , in's news room and look for him on March 11.

Saturday, March 20th, 2010


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