Vienna Hyatt (as played by Ewa Da Cruz on As the World Turns)

Useful information about Vienna Hyatt

* Wealthy socialite who was lovers with a prince.
* Fell for Henry Coleman.

Who's played Vienna Hyatt over the years?

Ewa da Cruz (Recurring, June 16th, 2006 - December 14 2009)

Past History

Vienna Hyatt had a relationship with Simon Frasier, who loved money and good times. When Simon disappeared on her more times than she cared for, she became friendly with Mike Kasnoff and we found out that Simon was meeting Katie Peretti, who is Mike and Simon's ex-wife, respectively. When Katie and Vienna met, Katie warned Vienna off of Simon. She told her that he was after her diamonds and wasn't as wealthy as she thought, but Vienna didn't believe her. Eventually, they went their separate ways and Vienna went to live with the Crown Prince of Leonia, Prince Adolpho. The two arrived in Oakdale to attend a charity event at Memorial Hospital, and Vienna wanted to reunite with Simon. Katie let Vienna know that Simon was involved with Carly Tenney Snyder, though Vienna wanted Simon for herself. Later, Vienna was given a lot to drink and passed out in her room while Simon removed her fancy jewels and replaced them with a replica. She had no idea until Jack informed her of this. The jewels were recovered and Simon and Carly left Oakdale for several months.

During Vienna's stay in Oakdale, she became quite enamored with Mike Kasnoff, and stayed at the Snyder Farm while she learned she was banished from Leonia and the Prince didn't want her back. It was then that Vienna met Brad Snyder, and they became friends. Vienna was interested in Jack, but Jack was not looking, so Brad offered to make Jack jealous by hanging out with her. Since it didn't work, she set her sights on Henry Coleman. They became engaged but when Henry caught Brad and Vienna in bed, the wedding was called off. Nothing happened, but Henry was crushed. Eventually, Henry forgave Vienna and believed her and it appears as though they are on their way toward mending fences.

Henry and Vienna began a hot love affair but he couldn't stop gambling and in a game one night lost all of their money. In another game, the owner of Al's Diner lost everything to Henry and they became the co-owners of the diner. Henry was mortified but Vienna loved the idea and threw herself into the new job. Henry kept coming up with money making schemes but Vienna would have none of it. Grey Gerard arrived in town and came between Vienna and Henry by taking the diner from Henry and convincing Vienna that Henry didn't really love her. Grey was killed by Margo and the truth came out.

Vienna, who now owned all of Al's, began to make her way back to Henry. But Henry used the money that Bonnie helped them get from Grey's estate to buy Metro. Vienna was furious and told him to sell it but Henry wouldn't. Vienna left town, certain that she and Henry were on different paths. She returned several weeks later because she couldn't stay away from him.

Vienna was livid to learn that Henry had hired Bonnie to help him at Metro and ordered that he fire her. Henry convinced Vienna that they needed the help; she and Bonnie formed a truce. Derek arrived in town and charmed Bonnie but Henry warned Vienna he was a bad guy. When Henry disappeared, Vienna suspected Derek and spied on him with Bonnie. Derek caught her and suspected they were working together so he kidnapped them and locked them in a warehouse. Henry rescued them.

Henry reunited and tried to have a baby. After plenty of failings, she finally got pregnant, but it wasn't to last. She lost the baby and it put a lot of stress on the relationship. Ruining things even more, she was Katie's fill-in on WOAK, but Henry decided to destroy her career by taking on the role of Geneva Swift and sabotaging her. This destroyed their relationship and she ran off. Later she returned to take him back but discovered that he was involved with Barbara. She tried blackmailing him into marriage with a fake pregnancy and use Casey Hughes to try and knock her up. Both of those plans failed. Her deception was revealed and Henry dumped her.






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