Tom Hughes (as played by Scott Holmes on As the World Turns)

Useful information about Tom Hughes

* Currently resides at home with his family.
* Married to Margo Hughes.
* 1966 - Stole money and a letter from his dad.
* 1967 - Broke into a pharmacy that belonged to his best friend's dad and stole some drugs.
* 1967 - 1969 - Addicted to drugs.
* 1969 - Broke into Dr. Michael Shea's office to steal drugs.
* 1970 - Broke into Dr. Michael Shea's office and stole more drugs.
* 1970 - Confessed to murdering Dr. Michael Shea, but he didn't do it.
* 1970-1971 - Spent some time in prison for his confession.
* 1976 - Assaulted Jay Stallings.
* 1998 - Assaulted David Stenbeck.
* 1998 - Pushed a camera man and a reporter who worked at WOAK-TV.
* 2004 - Assaulted Coleman 'Doc' Reese.

Who's played Tom Hughes over the years?

Scott Holmes (1987 - present)
Gregg Marx (Dec. 1984 - Dec. 1986)
Jason Kincaid (Aug. 1984 - Nov.1984)
Justin Deas (1980 - 1984)
Tom Tammi (1979 - 1980)
C. David Colson (1973 - 1979)
Peter Galman (1969 - 1974)
Peter Link (1969)
Paul O?Keefe (1967 - 1968)
Richard Thomas (1966 - 1967)
Frankie Michaels (1965 - 1966)
Jerry Schaffer (1964)
James Madden (1963)

Past History

Thomas Christopher Hughes is the son of Bob and Lisa Hughes. His parents divorced when he was very young. Lisa, his mother, turned him against his father. She took him to LA to enter him in a military school. When his grandparents, Nancy and Chris, learned of this, Chris went with Bob to get him and all returned to Oakdale. Tom stayed with his father and eventually his love for the Hughes Family was restored. Ellen Lowell helped him understand his father was a doctor and his career kept him very busy, and that his father loved him very much.

Lisa sent him to a boarding school for a short period of time as a means to get back at Bob. Tom didn't want to go to the boarding school so he let his feelings be known. While on spring break, he learned that his younger brother, Chuckie, was really the son of Lisa and Michael Shey, who Tom despised. Tom became very obnoxious toward his father, mother and grandparents. His uncle, Donald, was the only one who Tom felt understood him. Tom became friends with Hank Barton from school, which got him hooked on drugs. Together, in search of drugs, they robbed the pharmacy belonging to Hank's father. Tom enlisted in the army, but soon after inflicting himself with a gun shot wound, he was released. Upon his recovery, Hank talked him into robbing Michael Shey's office to obtain more drugs. They attempted to rob Michael's office once again, but Michael, who was shot and killed, caught them. A witness saw Tom running from the scene and he was accused of Michael's murder. He met Carol Deming, who stuck by him thru the accusations and trial. Tom was found guilty. The murder was investigated further and Tom was found innocent and set free.

Tom studied law and went to work at a medical clinic for Dr. Paul Stewart. While working at the clinic, he met Meredith Harcourt. The relationship had some shadiness and soon she fell in love with Simon Gibney. She and Simon both left town together.

When Carol Deming came back into his life (she had been a friend since he came back from Vietnam), they fell in love and married. Soon after their marriage, both realized they were too young to be married and went their separate ways. In the meantime, Tom had met Natalie Bannon and the relationship blossomed into marriage. Natalie was keeping some dark secrets from Tom, and when he learned of her secrets, he divorced her. Tragedy struck Tom one night and he learned a very valuable lesson. Tom and Chuckie were involved in a motor vehicle accident in which Chuckie was killed - Tom was driving.

Tom met Margo Montgomery in 1981. She was helping Tom with an investigation. Margo entered the police academy and passed her final exams in 1982. After going through a horrible ordeal during an investigation, they discovered their love for each other. Tom and Margo were married on board a boat by the captain. They separated soon after but were remarried in a park in the fall of 1983. Soon after, Margo became pregnant but miscarried her baby. Margo was depressed over loosing her baby and turned away from Tom. She had an affair with Hal Munson in which she became pregnant and gave birth to their son, Adam. Tom forgave her and wanted to raise Adam as his son. Several years later, Margo became pregnant with Tom's baby, and they had a son, which they named Casey.

Tom was now District Attorney, Margo was a police officer, and their marriage was very stable. After they had been married for 15 years, Tom grew bored with his life and had an affair with Emily Stewart in which she became pregnant, giving birth to their son, Daniel. The same night Daniel was born, Margo miscarried Tom's baby. Through many trials and deeds that needed forgiveness, they forgave each other and renewed their wedding vows. Tom opened his law practice, but happiness was soon to end when Margo found out she was HIV positive from being raped years ago. Her sister Katie gave her part of her liver. The transplanted liver was successful and Margo made a full recovery. It also brought Katie and Margo even closer. Tom and Margo's marriage went through a lot of trials and hardships after that, but they seemed to always come back to the love they deeply share with each other.

In January 2007, Tom learned that his son, Daniel, had been kidnapped. The kidnapper was after Emily's part of the paper. When she refused to sell it to him, he came after Daniel. Emily got a call from Daniel stating that he was at his Grandma Susan's house. Emily rushed over to find Daniel tied to a chair. Tull, the man who kidnapped Daniel, grabbed Emily. In a struggle, he forced her to sign the papers. As she was signing, Dusty Donovan burst through the door and took Tull down. Daniel was safe. When Tom found out about the kidnapping, he was desperate to find his son. As he started his search, he fell to the floor. Margo called an ambulance to rush him to the hospital. Bob was there to see his son as he arrived. It was determined that Tom had a heart attack and needed surgery. After the surgery, Tom made a full recovery and was able to go home in a week. Tom had the support of his family more than ever. The kids all found themselves available to talk to dad, listen to music with him, and even to sit down and eat with him. Tom was so proud. Katie came up with an idea. She wanted to have Tom a 'Thank God Tom's Alive' party. Margo agreed and all Tom's friends and family joined him to celebrate the life of a dear, sweet man who everyone in Oakdale could call Friend.

Tom learned that Emily was dating Casey and tried to break them up. When he learned of Emily's call girl past, he decided to take full custody of Daniel but Casey convinced him not to do it.

Flings and Relationships

Emily Stewart Munson (affair)
Dawn Wheeler (shared a kiss)
Shannon O'Hara (dated)
Taylor Baldwin (dated)
Margaret Crawford (lovers)
Barbara Ryan Stenbeck Munson Dixon Munson (engaged)
Shelia Winston (dated)
Barbara Ryan Stenbeck Munson Dixon Munson (lovers)
Meredith Harcourt (dated)


Dr. Bob Hughes (father)
Lisa Miller Hughes Eldridge Shea Coleman McColl Mitchell Grimaldi (mother)
Frannie Hughes (half sister)
Sabrina Hughes (half sister)
Christopher Hughes (half brother)
Scott Eldridge (half brother)
Chuckie Shea (half brother - deceased)
Chris Hughes (paternal grandfather - deceased)
Nancy Hughes McClosky (paternal grandmother)
Henry Miller (maternal grandfather - deceased)
Alma Miller (maternal grandmother - deceased)
Will 'Pa' Hughes (paternal great grandfather - deceased)
Edith Hughes Frey (great aunt)
John Hughes (great uncle)
Don Hughes (uncle)
Penny Hughes (aunt)
Susan Hughes (aunt - deceased)
Pearl (great aunt)
Amy Lyn Cunningham (first cousin)
Ryder Hughes (first cousin)
Billy Norbeck (grandson - deceased)
Craig Montgomery (brother in law)
Cricket Montgomery Ross (sister in law)
Katie Peretti Frasier Coleman Kasnoff (sister in law)
Lyla Crawford Peretti (mother in law)
John Dixon (father in law)
Andy Dixon (stepbrother and brother in law)
Duke Kramer (brother in law)


Lien Hughes (daughter with Vietnamese nurse)
Miscarried (child with Margo - twice)
Adam Munson (adopted son with Margo)
Casey Hughes (son with Margo)
Daniel Hughes (son with Emily)


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