Rosanna Cabot Ryan Montgomery Ryan (as played by Cady McClain on As the World Turns)

Useful information about Rosanna Cabot Ryan Montgomery Ryan

*Rosanna was born in 1973.
*Rosanna has been a CEO and business owner but is currently in a coma in a Swiss clinic.
*She has been married four times, twice to Craig Montgomery!
*Rosanna tried to pay Carly millions of dollars to buy her unborn child.
*She was accused of attempting to murder Carly in 2003.
*She and Paul blackmailed the Illinois Governor so that he would transfer James Stenbeck to a maximum security California prison.
*Confessed to drugging and hypnotizing Emily.
*She had a hysterectomy.

Who's played Rosanna Cabot Ryan Montgomery Ryan over the years?

Yvonne Perry (1992-1996, October 1998, July 29-August 6 1999)
Cady McClain (2002-2005, July 30 2007 - February 2008; May 20, 2009 - December 18 2009)

Past History

Rosanna Cabot first came to town pretending to be a simple girl from a small town. Evan Walsh learned the truth and let everyone know that Rosanna was actually a rich girl, the daught of industrialist Alexander Cabot. Not wanting her father's money, Rosanna continued to live on the Snyder farm. There she fell in love with Hutch Hutchinson, a farm worker. Eventually she saw how jealous Hutch was and they broke up.

Soon after Rosanna became attracted to Mike Kasnoff. A mechanic, her father didn't like the pairing and tried to break Rosanna and Mike up. While arguing with Mike, Alexander had a heart attack. Rosanna lashed out at Mike and they broke up. During this same time, Rosanna learned that her cousin Carly was actually her half-sister. She promised to give Carly part of the inheritance from Alexander, believing that Carly was simply a sweet girl and a friend.

Rosanna and Mike reunited and became engaged. On her wedding day, Rosanna learned that Carly wasn't so sweet and innocent and had actually slept with Mike! She called off the engagement and lost all faith in her half-sister.

Seeing Carly pregnant with Mike's child made Rosanna extremely jealous. She offered millions of dollars if Carly would sell the child to her. Carly pretended to agree but actually set Rosanna up by having Mike come to the money exchange. Mike was horrified. The girls argued and Carly accidentally fell off the ship. She miscarried. Rosanna left town. She later offered Carly $50 million if she had a child by December 31, 1998. Carly became pregnant and had a child, making the deadline but Rosanna refused to pay when she learned that Carly had committed fraud. Instead she set up a trust fund for Parker, the child, that Carly could not touch.

Rosanna returned to town determined to take Parker as her own child because she didn't think Carly could care for him. To protect the child, Craig Montgomery kidnapped him for a short time. He returned Parker soon after so that he wouldn't go to jail.

Rosanna and Craig became friends. Mike returned to town but refused to get back together with Rosanna and she continued to work a wedge between Craig and Carly. This put a strain on her relationship with Craig but they still became engaged. When Rosanna tried to help Lucy with her relationship with Aaron, the relationship with Craig suffered even more. Rosanna enlisted Barbara's help in her fight to keep Craig and Carly apart but Craig stuck by Carly, ensuring that she was the top designer at Monte Carlo. He kidnapped Barbara to do so, but she escaped and showed up at Fair Winds as Craig and Rosanna were finishing their marriage vows! Barbara spilled the entire plan but it was Craig who left Rosanna because he found out about her plans for Lucy and Aaron! The pair reunited soon after.

Craig was arrested on charges of kidnapping. The charges were quickly dropped but Rosanna was soon under the police microscope when Carly disappeared! Believing that Carly had been killed by Rosanna, Jack had her arrested. Craig found Carly, who had simply left town, and the charges were dismissed. Craig and Rosanna renewed their vows. Rosanna visited Carly in Montana and the sisters finally bonded, through the birth of Carly's daughter Sage.

Seeing Sage born caused Rosanna's own maternal instincts to kick in. Because he was afraid of losing another child, Craig only pretended to go along with Rosanna's plans for parenthood. Rosanna learned the truth and threatened to leave him. To save the marriage Craig arranged for a quickie adoption. During this time she became friends with Paul Ryan, too. When Paul was accused of murdering Rose, his fiancee, Craig became even more jealous because Rosanna insisted on defending Paul. Paul was exonerated of the charges but soon after Rosanna learned that Cabot's adoption was illegal! She decided to take the boy and run but couldn't do that to the birth mother. She turned the boy over to the authorities. She left Craig and then she left town.

Rosanna returned a few weeks later a completely changed woman. She learned that Paul led to the news about Cabot and that Carly was working at BRO. She told Carly to choose their friendship or her job and then served Craig with divorce papers. Desperate to protect Cabot and get him back, she had come up with a plan to divorce Craig and marry Jordan Sinclair, a new manager at BRO. Carly agreed to help her sister out. Paul found out the truth, told Jordan and he confronted Rosanna with her plans. They began working together to find out why marrying him would make Cabot's birth mother give him back to Rosanna. They married and Rosanna learned that Jordan was Cabot's biological father!

Rosanna learned that James Stenbeck was behind the plot because he was Jordan's father. Rosanna decided to run with her child but Jordan wouldn't let her go. Rosanna renewed her friendship with Paul. James escaped custody and kidnapped Rosanna and Cabot! Paul managed to rescue Rosanna but it seemed that Cabot had died. Unable to accept that, Rosanna shut Paul out of her life. She turned to Jordan but they didn't reconcile. Paul found out and was very understanding about what happened. Rosanna returned to the Snyder farm and hired Will, Paul's younger brother. She and Paul began to build a new relationship; she asked him to marry her and he accepted!

Soon after Paul and Rosanna's marriage someone began to torture her by using Cabot. Turns out it was Emily! Police questioned her but Emily couldn't remember anything about the incidents. It turns out that Barbara was drugging Emily to make her do those things. James Stenbeck returned to town with more distressing news - Cabot was alive! To get her son back Rosanna left Paul and Oakdale far behind and fell in with James' plans.

Months later, Rosanna ran into Craig in Bangkok. She revealed everything to him. To save her child from James, she gave him up altogether. Craig and Rosanna returned to Oakdale. Rosanna tried to explain things to Paul but he could not forgive her for trusting Craig instead of trusting him. Rosanna agreed to marry Craig so that he could gain custody of his unborn child (with Jen). At the same time Rosanna met Gwen, a pregnant high school student, and agreed to adopt her baby. Both Jen and Gwen went into premature labor. Jen's baby "died" and Rosanna became very confused because Craig didn't seem bothered by that fact. She was even more confused when Craig became very attached to the adopted baby. Rosanna discovered that Craig had switched babies in the hospital - Jen's baby was alive and Gwen's baby had died! She confronted Craig and he confessed. She ran out. Craig followed and in trying to get Rosanna's attention by hitting her car, actually caused a bad accident. Rosanna woke long enough to say "wrong foot" to Paul but slipped into a coma. She has been comatose ever since. The truth eventually came out.

In a coma himself after falling from a cliff in a fight with Craig, Paul met Rosanna in his dreams.

Flings and Relationships

Hutch Hutchinson
Evan Walsh
Mike Kasnoff
Scott Eldridge
Brad Snyder


Alexander Cabot (father - deceased)
Sheila Washburn (mother - deceased)
Carly Tenney (half-sister)
Peter Cabot (half-brother)
Lauren Cabot (half-sister)
Lee Washburn Tenney (aunt)
Parker Munson (nephew)
Sage Snyder (niece)


Cabot Sinclair (son, adopted and later given up)


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